Flags to Fly

There is something that I have noticed after moving around a few states over the last few years that I feel is not intended to be a negative thing, but it does have negative side effects.

I call this 'Everyone has a flag to fly'.

What I have found is that there has been this tendency to push people to celebrate themselves for their unique qualities...things that make them who they are and part of a smaller 'tribe' of people. I could say that this is a more recent thing (which I believe it is for the most part), but nations, tribes, and groups have been flying their own flags since the beginning of time. More recently, I believe that this has been 'pushed' onto people in order to create tension amongst 'the people' while a more sinister, larger plan has been in the works.

Look at the following flags :)

BLM flag Pride Flag Houses Divided Flag

While I do not have any qualms with anyone who 'identifies' with any of these flags, I do believe that people that fly these flags are not seeing the bigger picture here. These flags were created to celebrate particular groups of people, but what I have found is that they are actually incredibly divisive. Is this just an unintended consequence or was this outcome actually part of something that has been engineered by the powers that be? At a time when people are actually in dire need of real change to better mankind, people are diverting their attention and efforts to actually do something productive and are simply complaining about the current state of the world. They complain about 'the government' but have no intentions to try and solve any issues themselves. They are more interested in 'being their own person', flying their flags, and are (in my opinion) buying right into this 'divide and conquer' game that has been rolled out while 'the people' are the players that don't even know a game is being played. If someone wants to come up with a new flag (or use an old one...), it should be a flag that is inclusive and not exclusive. If you want some sort of positive change to happen, quit thinking about how to celebrate whatever smaller groups you identify with and realize that there are truly only 2 kinds of players...good and evil. And don't actually spend time coming up with some new, inclusive will just be used to break people off into another smaller group in some way. :-)

-ins1d30ut ;)